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The Lee Fish USA Story

In 2001, New Zealand-based Leigh Fisheries partnered with Richard Adlem and created Lee Fish USA, based in Los Angeles, to service the North American market with the finest wild catch from New Zealand. Over the past 2 decades Lee Fish USA has grown its product mix and customer base in line with the high-quality benchmark established at the outset. Lee Fish USA’s success is attributed to its expertise in product handling, astute business practices and constant focus on importing the freshest, highest quality seafood in the world.


Founded on over two decades’ experience of seeking out the highest quality sustainable fisheries, we work in close collaboration with the world’s leading seafood producers, to provide the finest seafood available in every delivery. Inbound logistics is coordinated with domestic freight cutoffs to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality product with maximum shelf-life every single time.


Our logistics and operations teams are unmatched in the North American market. We are less than 5 minutes away from LAX for prompt pickup, re-icing and turnaround of product. We are a TSA bonded facility allowing us to outperform all others with competitive, innovative and reliable domestic freight solutions. Our suppliers work tirelessly to produce a high quality product and we take on the responsibility of making sure that the freshest and best version of their product is delivered every single time. Our reputation depends on it.

Customer Service

We hold ourselves to a high standard of communication with our customers. While we are constantly learning and improving our skills and knowledge to ensure satisfaction, these are a few of the customer service values we live by:

  • No last-minute surprises: While disruptions are inevitable when importing farmed and wild fresh seafood from the far corners of the globe, that doesn’t mean they need to catch our customers off-guard. We focus on finding solutions quickly and communicating early and often.
  • Expectation setting is paramount: Weather and supply are variables that we aren’t always able to control. Our job is to make sure that customers have a realistic expectation as to what they will get on each order so that they can plan accordingly.
  • Our success relies on the success of our customers: Education, sales tools and information about the products we represent are always available and communicated with the success of our customer’s sales team in mind.